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Photography Tips Tricks

Photography Tips and Tricks


Photography Tips And Tricks

Photography Tips And Tricks 0ffer some really good insights on how to achieve some of the special effects that you may have seen in various magazines and have always looked spectacular, they often leave us wondering how they were done. But often in reality many of them are done with little more than a simple digital camera and possibly a tripod and an active imagination and use of good photo techniques .

Achieving those perfect looking trick shots is not necessarily very difficult to do anymore, because the modern cameras are pretty easy to handle with easy to use settings, in addition to this you can use some of the many software applications and apply some photoshop tricks if you need to and not just use it to correct red eye. But this software also allows quite complicated effects to be carried out although in some circles this is thought to be cheating and nothing to do with pure photography.
One of the essential points to remember the many of our many when creating trick images is a simple but totally obvious one,  Always Carry your Camera and equipment with you! It goes without saying if you don’t have your necessary tools with you how can you expect to take that perfect shot? But you may be surprised at the number of photographers who find themselves in such a position of forgetting some piece of equipment and it turns out to be an essential piece, so always be prepared.

Many of us now carry cameras on our person for most of the time, this could be because most modern mobile phones have good quality cameras built in them which also explains why there are so many shots of funny events being caught on camera, but these are just opportune photos taken by people who just happen to be at the right place at the right time. But when you are planning on setting up a trick shot you need to plan ahead, you can often begin by writing or sketching a rough guide on how this is going to go, make notes and if possible do a quick run through because the chances that you will get your shot on the first run is very unlikely. You may even have to do much more. Having said that my son seems to get an idea and he takes excellent shots straight away, but as he is a perfectionist he will continue to take photo after photo, making numerous adjustments until he gets the result that he has visualized. Then once back at the computer he is able to carefully checkout his images and if required he then applies his photoshop tricks in order to get his perfect image.

So from that we can deduce that one of the traits of the trick photo specialist apart from enthusiasm must be they they have an abundance of natural patience although most professional photographers do seem to have that quality, however the rest of us need to master this skill and then to apply correct photo techniques. In addition they need to have  a natural talent and an inventiveness because while tricks can be learned it is the knack of finding new ones that really stretches the boundaries of this fast growing sub-niche of the photography genre.

Photography Tricks

Photography Tricks


The kind of equipment required for this form of photography is pretty simple as mentioned earlier but  I’m talking about using only Camera and just your basic equipment, there’s no need to buy any more gear, not that the enthusiasts will ever need an excuse to get their wallets out, but there is no need on this occasion. Most of your shots will involve controlling light or speed which will have an impact on whatever it is you are using as the subject.

When searching out photography tips and tricks you will find that the age group will widely vary because of the excitement caused by some of the fantastic images being hosted on websites and social sites and the discussions being held in the chat rooms where the methods and effects are being discussed we can see photographers young and old getting involved in taking or at least re-creating some of their favorite creations. It is thought that this new sub-genre is responsible for drawing in so many newcomers into the hobby, which was at one time was thought to be the home of the more mature person shall we say.

We can see many of the methods that are currently used in creating trick shots in more traditional photographs in such areas as landscape where the flow of water has been slowed down to make it appear milky or smoky. Then again in sport where a fast moving car or person is caught but the sense of speed is obtained by the way the subject is in sharp focus but the surrounding area is blurred giving the appearance of a fast moving object.  These images are interesting and they catch the eye but not as much as spinning light which blurs into one solid shape, they just catch our imagination.

If you check in to some of the online chat rooms or communities that are sharing their images and are only too happy to welcome new members and especially novice photographers because it is seen as bringing new blood into their ranks. At one point it seemed that most people who were unwilling to let people know what their hobby was for fear of being tarred with “the old man’s hobby” brush. But now that photography tricks are cool many more youngsters are getting involved starting with their smart phones and playing around with photoshop tricks they can see what is possible and going on from there.


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