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Learn How to make Projects in Visual Basic in Urdu & Hindi ...

RoboPsych: Our Emotional Relationships With Robots – Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

RoboPsych: Our Emotional Relationships With RobotsInstitute for Ethics and Emerging TechnologiesIt's interesting to look at what psychologists call the six basic emotions from a RoboPsych perspective; to see what emotional expressions robots elicit today. Several of these emotions arise from the threat to jobs and livelihoods posed by robots, a …

DEAD TARGET: Zombie – Shoot the zombies and bring death back upon them (PHPnuke)

### Review
It is always a good time to take out your weapon and start shooting those annoying zombies that want to ruin the day, in a digital way, of course. **DEAD TARGET: Zombie** is a static first-person action shooting game, similar to the classic SEGA title House of the Dead. This title is available for a free download for the main mobile systems, **Android**, **Windows Phone** and **iOS**.
Although the main interest of the title is just shooting at the zombies with big weapons, DEAD TARGET: Zombie needs some context. Set in the **year 2040**, CS corp captured a state prison in order to make a legion of zombies. Obviously, this kind of thing never goes according to the plan and the **undead outbreak** destroys the civilization around the prison. Now is the time for a veteran to enter to the field once again and exterminate the zombie threat before it is too late.
> ___Now is the time for a veteran to enter to the field once again and exterminate the zombie threat before it is too late.___
The **visual part of the game is rather good**, but sometimes the zombies’ **models are clearly repetitive**. …

Visual Basic Course…

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