Photoshop Tips And Tricks Allow You To Get Creative

Photoshop Can Really Make A Photo POP!

Photoshop Can Really Make A Photo POP!

Cutting And Pasting Is Child’s Play

Photoshop Tips-Buying Adobe Photoshop 7.0 is expensive but well worth the money.

It really is is fantastic and extremely effective But you need to learn how to edit a photo and take the time to master the skills it requires in order to use it properly and to get the best out of it!

If it’s your first time using Photoshop Software, you are going to need to learn how to use it properly. Yes it is possible to open it up and start to play around although I think you may miss out some of it’s hidden gems and I reckon you may well get frustrated in the process. Yes I have been there too.

The Pixelate Function
Go to the Filter area in the photoshop menu located on top of your screen. There are various choices under the Filter classification, and you can start playing with images with the pixelate function. The pixelate function enables you to customize images and turn them into various creative designs. Bear in mind when your art gratitude course required you to do a mosaic all by yourself and with your own 2 hands? It was effort, wasn’t it? Now envision being able to do that with any photo or image saved in your computer with just one click! And yes, you can do that simply by clicking pixelate and mosaic next.

Other artistic styles under pixelate are crystallize, piece, element, color halftone, pointillize, and mezzotint. The best way to deal with these is to see what each one does to an images so play away.

Do away with Imperfections
Many people actually hate the way they look when they see their image reflected in a photo because the camera never lies and it will show up all your facial imperfections, moles, acne or any other blemishes will be way too noticeable? So you are going to need photoshop portrait effects because just like you most people even top models will have a blemish or too. So you are definitely going to know how to edit a photo Photoshop 7.0 can definitely eliminate these imperfections and there are numerous ways to do that, but the easiest and most basic method is to use is the blur function.

The blur function is still under the Filter heading and you need to select the area that needs to disappear then begin clicking the blur function. Keep this or try using the Ctrl F button on your keyboard up until the has been cleared away. If the area that you need to clean is too large it could result in the blurring effect being noticeable. But providing it is a small area as a mark on the face would usually be then this method would work fine, so if you choose to work in the portrait niche with photography you can rest assured that all of your clients will need a touch up with photoshop before you present them with the finished photograph.

The Value of Layers
When you hear the term layering your first thought may go to the old saying “you can never wear too many layers” as in clothes when it’s cold. But when it comes to photography and photoshop editing tips we consider that layering is a must when we come to edit photos.

Layering is an essential tool when it comes to editing your photographs. In the latest versions of Photoshop (7 and above). Only the layer you have defined will be affected by any changes or additions you make allowing you to build up to create the final image in stages therefore allowing you to create knowing that if you have gone too far you can always back up and remove a stage or section of the image to your satisfaction.

Why the Magic Wand is Indeed Magical
Imagine that we have a photo of a Pink Bassett Hound in a garden setting, but we want to remove the garden setting leaving just the Pink Bassett Hound. With the current versions of Photoshop7.0 or later, all we need to do is click the outline of Barney with the magic wand and voila! Job Done!. In the past each stage had to be removed rather like peeling an onion until you were left with the final image you required so this change alone makes buying the Photoshop version 7.0 or above worthwhile.

So What Now?

There will always be more to learn when it comes to Photoshop Tips and Tricks 

Patience and Practice, patience and practice, patience and practice is all you need to do to mastering the cool effects with Photoshop


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