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Photography Tips

Photography Tips

With so much information readily available about photography, it may appear difficult to find a quality resource that you can use to further your abilities. That is why we have assembled a list of leading techniques and ideas which will eventually lead to a small catalogue for you to refer back to as required. Whether you are an expert or somebody that enjoys capturing exciting images with varied setting and the use of different lenses and filters, as you continue with your hobby your experience will naturally lead to you building a complete portfolio of various images that you will be proud to display.
A simple but important point to remember before you begin on a new shoot is to set your white balance. This will ensure that your camera is set to the right settings for taking good quality pictures showing the colours including white, it is also advisable to have a white card with you while you are out for the same reason. As the natural light changes even your cameras standard settings may not know what the correct white balance should be, so by setting your camera to the white card you will ensure that the colours are going to be accurate for that environment.

This may seem obvious to everyone but it is suprising how many pictures are ruined by a little wobble here and there. Alway have either a tripod or a beanbag mount in order to correctly stabilize your camera before you take the picture.

If you are taking random quick shots of your family playing outside a little camera shake may not be too bad because you are probably taking quite a few and you can quickly delete the unfavourable one. But when it comes to any important shots or anywhere where there is a lack of light camera shake is difficult to prevent for anyone and a bit of camera shake can destroy a perfect image that you may have missed because your one chance has flown away. So it should always be the norm that you have a sturdy tripod with you at all times.

As you become more proficient with photography it always pays dividends in the long-term to invest in better quality lenses. The use of a good lens will enable you to get a much better image with less noise showing up in the final image. Beginners will hardly recognise this problem initially it is only with time and especially if they begin to look back at photos taken a couple of years back that they will ba able to see the slight difference in image quality. You can create artistic pictures with any kind of equipment, if you work hard and adapt your design to your own devices. But the improvements you will see with a higher quality lens certainly opens up more possibilities for much better images, your lens will be able to capture more information with sharper and clearer focus.

When trying to get that perfect photograph, take a good number of shots and bracket each side of your selected setting, you will be surprised at the difference this makes this is made really easy these days with the larger sizes available with the memory cards.

When outdoors and relying on natural daylight, especially if it’s a bright day, you will have excellent natural light to help capture your images and good quality at that. But remember cloudy days can often be better for taking images really bright sun, this is because the clouds are acting as a natural diffuser, spreading the light and eliminating the extreme shadows and contrasts. So don’t be put off getting out on an overcast day or even a stormy day, the action of the wind and stormy clouds can create some dramatic images in colour or in black and white..

When saving your digital copies of your photos on your computer system, take the time to organise them carefully, this is normally done in chronological order but also add in location and conditions too. Many photographers like to record their shots as a timeline, so dating them assists them in remembering exactly what they are and they can find them more easily. But always back up your photos in a couple of locations because if one is lost at least you will have the backup.

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