Trick Shots With Your iPhone!

Yep, You Heard Correctly It Is Possible To Create Amazing Trick Shots With a Phone!

“Discover the Simple Secrets To Taking Jaw-Dropping Pictures On Your Camera Phone And Receiving Thousands of Views and Likes on Photo sharing Websites!”

Trick Shots With A Phone

Trick Shots With A Phone

There are plenty of reasons why a modern smart phone beats a Digital SLR Camera, these things did go quite small but lately they have begun to grow again and thats not just with their diamensions, their cameras have got much larger too with with more mega pixels and super crisp imaging software. So all this plus the fact that it is always with you make it an ideal companion allowing you to take inpromtu shots as the opportunity presents itself, it makes it a winner and you can even put it in your pocket when you’re done. Trick Shots With a Phone!

Trick Shots With A Phone

Trick Shots With A Phone

Simple tweaks on your camera phone settings that transform even the most ordinary shots into crisp, clear beautiful creative images, you can soon learn how to create the kind of startling images using laser pens, lights, and other basic household items, then you can upload your images to places like Flick, Instagram and Facebookr and generate a huge following with people lining up to ask you how you created this and that etc.

Trick Shots With A Phone

Trick Shots With A Phone

You don’t even need to use the likes of Photoshop or any other additional software to change your images. Seriously you will soo learn a few tricks to allow you to become an fully blown trick photographer, just your trusty phone. Which is probably already in your pocket. Trick Shots With a Phone!

  • Newer smartphone models have ultra-sharp image quality. They can do practically everything and often more than your standard DSLR. (Even the old iPhone 3GS – which has a “puny” 3-megapixel camera¬– can give DSLRs a run for their money. And the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 are even better.)
  • Smartphones are “pocketable” and portable. You have the freedom to take pictures anywhere you go, without having to lug around heavy camera equipment. And because they’re less intrusive… you’re less likely to draw attention to yourself and get a bunch of “weird stares” whenever you take a photo. Certainly not the case with bulky DSLRs!
  • You can easily add special effects to your photos with free photo-editing apps. Then, quickly upload them to your favorite photo sharing sites with the touch of a button. There’s no hassle of transferring files to your computer or messing around with Photoshop.

There is even a short guide which can give you all the help you need to get you going com plete wuth all the instructions regarding your smart phones setting which will make all of this creativity much easier.   You Can Check It Out HERE!

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