Perfect Photos Need A Confident Approach


If you are searching for perfect photos you need to have confidence in your


Portrait Photography

equipment and your abilities

Everyone who begins taking photographs wants to get the best possible results, but many get despondent when they don’t get the perfect photos they want and quit.

If you are just entering this great hobby of photography and you want to understand some of the best techniques to assist you. You need to learn the basics, so take notice of the tips in this brief article.

If you were to ask any established photographer for just one tip to recommend in order for you to produce those perfect photos, it would probably be this; Get yourself a quality tripod. It sounds simple yet many new guys just don’t bother. But having a good tripod is essential because it will allow you to obtain super clear and focused images.

Never try to hold your hands and arms still because something will move, it might be your body, a twitch in your list, it could be anything but one thing will be guaranteed and that is unless you want blurred images you must use a quality tripod.

If your main aim is to take images of people you need to try to take natural looking poses, so you need to practice trying to take photos with your family or friends, once you begin you will soon notice that most people will give a phony face or show an unnatural smile. I don’t know what the reason is, it could be justĀ embarrassment or nerves.

But as this is probably your first experience, you need to practice the art of getting people to be comfortable and at ease and relaxed. Keep talking to them, but keep snapping away, take plenty of photos as you talk to people and then talk them into the result you are searching for. Once you have got the result you are looking just repeat the excercise with different subjects until it becomes second nature.

Another tip when taking photos of people is to get as close as possible to them, this helps to optimize the quality of the image and you get better details on their face, don’t worry you can always take away any unwanted blemishes later in editing. This is very important, as you will want to capture every element of their expression, the eyes, there interesting features which adds to the interesting aspects of the pictures that you take.

Lets now consider taking still photographs, you should ideally begin with a solid color background, this will allow the focus to be on the main image, obviously don’t allow any conflict of color. You could also consider placing a white or other colored card or blanket behind the subject in order to establish this.

Try using a lower ISO, an excellent start is about 200, this will make your photos a little dark in certain scenarios, but this can easily be changed by altering the contrast and light on your pc. If you use a higher ISO you are likely to suffer what is called noise on your images (this is the term given to discoloration or breakup of the image) which can ruin a photo and impossible to alter with photo editing.

If you are looking at shooting landscape photography then you should always have in mind the two-thirds rule, this simply means that you need to have a third of the image Sky another third the middle ground and finally the lower third. This can also be applied to other types of photography because all we are doing is building a balanced image.

However be careful when composing your backgrounds, try to avoid unnecessary clutter or jumble, anything that could take the eye away from the main subject of your image. Before you even get your camera out of the bag you should be analyzing your intended shot area, you should be thinking of ways to cut out any undesired element, you can do this by moving your location slightly.

Once you have been taking photographs for a while, you should think about putting a portfolio together, but when you come to do this you should only make use of the very best of your images. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You can’t really convince anyone to trust their wedding photography to you if you show inferior quality images to them. It also makes sense now to have your own website presence too and you could expand this presence, Another top tip is to use additional portrait photography lighting to get rid of any shadows or to improve definition. Once you have got your portfolio together you can upload it to the social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest or Instagram.

I have only just scratched the surface of the world of photography, there are many more details to be taken into account but the main thing to remember here is to use your equipment, pick any subject and try a different setting of your camera and the lens and see what results you get. It is only by using your equipment in this way that you will really get to know what works and what doesn’t.




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