How to Take Better Portraits of Your Kids

Portrait Photography Tips can be great fun and you can get some fantastic shots just by watching your kids or family at play, so it is always worth having your camera available ready to use at short notice. Taking photos of kids and your pets can be great fun but you can easily get carried away taking hundreds of photos that nobody will see, but have you considered pursuing your hobby of photography even further and doing real portrait photography? This may not be a step too far so I’m going to give you a few tips that I use when taking portraits. First of all, a portrait can be any subject matter, it can be candid photographs of your kids or your pets as they focus on playing or reading or even watching the television, I know one of our dogs loves sitting at the window gazing outside and grumbling if anyone walks by his house. One of the main portrait photography tips concerns your equipment, you need to check that your camera is clean and in good working order and always clean your lens before starting. Then check that your batteries are fully charged and you have a couple of spare batteries just in case. Prepare the room or space where you intend to work in and have a couple of plain pieces of cloth without creases. The aim of this is not to clash with any clothing that the client may be wearing even if it means changing your cloth at the last moment. Have a light and airy space to work in with as much natural sunlight as possible, but if you’re working area is dark then you will need to have some additional photographic lights or a sunlight reflector. Over time you will probably build up your extra kit but initially you may have to make do with what you have hand. Okay now for the serious tips. Depending on what your subject is and how old, may determine how to begin. For a teenager of adult have them prepare themselves in advance for the photograph by attending to their hair and clothing after all they will want to see a nice photograph especially if they are paying you to do this. I would be inclined to write or email them with a reminder checklist of what you would like them to have or be like on the day of the shoot. If working with children or animals you may need to approach the photo shoot a little differently. In either case their attention span is not usually great so you need to have on hand some form of squeaker or a noisy toy so that you can keep getting their attention back on track. But the main tip is to get as many different shots as you can, then if the attention has totally gone and you feel that you need more images then you may have to take a break or a step back and take your shots as they are playing. If you are going for the more studious look, you need to set the scene and have your subject make a number of different poses plus you can always add in a prop, like a hat, glasses or even a pipe although there are not many of those around these days so scratch that one. But have your subject looking at something rather than straight at the camera. Everyone is different and some people will have their own requirements for what they would ideally like. However many of your subjects won’t have a clue so take plenty of varied shots so they may be happy with the final result, this is especially important if you are charging a fee. Free Photo: Photographer, Photography, Pose - Free Image on Pixabay - 426207

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