Amateur Nikon: "Photoshop is cheating" - Oh, really!?

How deceit has become our default setting – The Guardian

The GuardianHow deceit has become our default settingThe GuardianFrom top to bottom, from frontbench to back office, high court to low life, hedge fund to doorstep, duck house to tax haven, website to cold call, cheating has become the norm, and moral blindness is the new life skill. The scam, the sting, the blag …

Top photography tips for beginners (Pocket Lint)

Photography is a complicated subject that can be a minefield for some, while to others it comes as naturally as eating a piece of cake. If you sit in the first camp, where the idea of jumping out of a plane is more appealing than picking up a DSLR and…

Is Photoshop Cheating?


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